Your Board of Directors approved a new orientation program for all NEW Denison Rotarians.    Nothing is difficult or intimidating!
 Your Board of Directors approved a new orientation program for all new Denison Rotarians.  Vice President Mary Hale brought this program to the Board to approve at the February meeting.  Each new Rotarian will have a RED DOT placed on their name badge when they join.  They will also receive a list of 8 items to complete to have the red dot removed.  None of these items are difficult to accomplish but will get our new members around to several different tables during meetings, serve as a co-greeter at one meeting, introduce themselves to the club, go to the Denison Rotary website, do a makeup at another club or do an e-makeup, lead the 4 Way Test at a meeting, give a short vocational talk or tell the club something about their family.  Nothing is intended to be difficult or an impossible task to complete.  The reason for the Red Dot program (found at many Rotary Clubs in District 5810 and across the US) is to get our new members active and meet other Rotarians other than their sponsoring Rotarian.  We want to make this fun and will have a big ceremony in removing the Red Dot!  The Red Dot program is listed on the front page of the DRC website in the top left corner for downloading.  If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to a Board member.